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Our Tuning Center

Some information about our tuning center:

Our tuning center has a Dynojet 250I dynamometer, which is one of the most advanced motorcycle tuning instruments around. The 250I features a Load Control System, which provides the technician with the ability to control vehicle RPM or Speed at any throttle opening. Advanced monitoring hardware tracks all the readings from your bike and shows us where improvements can be made, as well as where the powerband is. THE DYNO DOESN'T LIE!! We have the latest AFR sniffer equipment, which tells us if your bike is running too rich (too much fuel) or lean (too much air).

Of course, it's not all about the dyno, it's about what tuner you decide to go with. Through our combined 20 years of experience, we've worked with a number of tuner modules, including PowerCommander V, PowerCommander III, S&S ProTune 2, ThunderMax, PowerVision, Kuryakyn FuelPak, and Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner.

What our specialists recommend:

Throughout the years, we've found some tuners give a more complete tuning experience, and allow the customer or service shop more control over what changes are being made. Fox Cycle Works will work with any tuner you have, but we recommend these models:

  • TTS Mastertune
  • PowerCommander V
  • ThunderMax
  • Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner

What sets our shop apart from the competition is that we talk with you about what we're tuning for, and give you the optimum fuel economy and horsepower. We give you power in low-end city driving and highway cruising speed, ensuring you get the most power out of your engine all the time. No matter the conditions, Fox Cycle Works in Sandusky, Ohio has a solution and a tuner for your needs.