1 K/5 K Service
Fox Cycle Works
1011 Fremont Avenue
Sandusky, OH

Service Description

The Harley 5k service is one of the most critical of all the scheduled services. All the critical adjustments, accessible fastener torques, condition of drained fluids. Our technicians follow Harley-Davidson® service operation guidelines to ensure that when your motorcycle leaves here it has been maintained to the level that you would expect from a factory trained Harley-Davidson® dealership. We reference a service checklist that is exactly the same as the one listed in your owners manual and use Harley-Davidson® factory approved parts and lubricants. This ensures that your bike is getting the proper service materials designed for it's best overall performance. Your Harley is taken on a test ride to ensure it rides correctly and each point is checked off after inspection.

Pricing is as follows:


6 Speed Twin Cam - $239.95

5 Speed Twin Cam - $239.95

Evolution - $239.95


6 Speed Twin Cam - $219.95

5 Speed Twin Cam - $219.95

Evolution - $219.95